Let’s Talk about sex!

It’s very clear that Generation Z understands technology better than their parents, but let's talk about sex in the "all-things-connected" high tech society.   Kids now-a-days are caught up in the phenom of SEXTING and taking suggestive pictures of themselves and post them all over FaceBook.

Why is this important to know? It’s important to know because this is setting them up to be the most sexually active generation in our history. Check out the Top 5 keys inside.

The Buffalo news recently wrote an article that 51% of Buffalo High School students are sexually active. 81% of those teens do not use protection! Read more about this here

As part of Operation Generation Z we will cover these four topics that lead to this Young, Wild and Free hyperactive sex life:

1. Sex-texting
2. Sexually suggestive pictures generously posted online
3. Sex trafficking
4. Sex Education is "optional" in schools
5. Gen Z's role model is Nicki Minaj not Mom & Dad


1. Sex-texting is for one thing and one thing only SEX and it comes in different forms. These teens set up sex dates, sexual jokes, steaming profile pics and video chatting  with no clothes on, but the most common is sending sexual pics of them selves as an invitation to "come and get this".

Pictures say a thousand words and because of that everyone can interrupt the picture different. In some cases females get demeaning labels attached them that ruins their reputation and causes them to seek attention from older men who they think actually thinks differently of them which leads to a lot of unreported rapes.


2. Sexuality online is being over looked for 2 reason.
It’s the ultimate place for freedom of speech you can pretty much post whatever you like with no LEGAL consequences. The ultimate consequence is that you are branding your image people don’t really care about how you feel on your statues they are more interested in on what you have on or what kind of poses you take.

These teenagers are promoting sex through their pictures by posing in their under clothes and tagging their friends and what they forget is once you add a tag everybody else can see it too; including future employers. Not to mention the weirdos who download those pics and use them for their own personal pleasure..... Yeah gross huh! Don't forget about the people who use facebook to recruit young girls for prostitution, escort services and sex trafficking! (More on this later)

These two topics are serious especially if you have teens that are active facebook users and have cell phones. As adults if we are more proactive about checking account settings on their facebook and monitoring what they are texting and sending from their phone (which is easy just pull up your phone account online) maybe we can guide them to a safer way of communication without them exposing themselves the wrong way.

Stay tuned to WBLK for part 2 of #OpGenZ Let's Talk About Sex where we cover

3. Sex trafficking
4. Sex Education
5. Gen Z's role models

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