The Buffalo news recently wrote an article that 51% of Buffalo High School students are sexually active. 81% of those teens do not use protection! It is our job as adults to get to the root of this trend and stop this train before it derails and falls off a cliff with our future inside! Read more about the 5 reasons Generation Z is becoming the most sexually active group in history! 

In Part 1 we covered Sex-texting and Sexually suggestive profile pictures.


In part 2 of #OpGenZ “Let’s Talk about Sex” we’ll discuss Sex Trafficking & The morning pill in school.

The sex trafficking epidemic has swept the nation, and it’s especially dangerous for women under 25. There is a number of ways for a trafficker to lure their bait. The most common is to offer them dreams based on what they know about them. How do they know your hopes and dreams? No-a-days teens tell all through facebook pictures, they can almost predict what kind of life style these teens want based off of a series of pictures. Once the sex traffickers find “easy prey”, identified by their sexy profile pictures, they set up fake model casting calls to get these clueless teens to practically sign their life away and then sell them as sex slaves .

The morning after pill has already made its debut in 13 NYC public schools. Is it shocking to some extent but not really because this generation is the most care free, open and comfortable with their sexuality, they don’t care how they are perceived. So walking into the nurses’ office after a night of unprotected sex would not be as taboo for Gen Z as it would be for generation X or Y. Heck, it might even further prevent kids from using a condom, because now they figure, if “If he don’t pull out in time, I’ll just take care of it in the morning.” This is NOT the intended use of this pill. It was made in the event that a woman is raped and knocked up by some creepo, not as a form of birth control!

Instead, let's make sex education a part of the curriculum in Buffalo middle schools AND high schools, so kids understand the risks of being sexually active and encourage them to save their gift for their true love, or better yet marriage!

After going over these four red flags keep in mind that’s its way more than just four. Our children can be pulled in so many different directions, but if we give them options and interact with them we can eliminate a good majority of the distractions. Let’s start by being our own kid’s role model. A position that sadly has been taken by the likes of Nicki Minaj and lil Wayne who just wants to sleep with every girl in the world! Let’s turn Gen Z on to more active play like Sports, Dance and maybe introduce them to a community project that they can have some input on . We would never know what goes in their mind unless we explore it.

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