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Single Moms Too?
We've often heard that a single mom does the work of both parents, but should Mom celebrate Father's Day? Hallmark thinks so and has responded with holiday greeting cards to fit the occasion.
Pros & Cons Of Common Core
Today is the first day of Common Core Testing here in Western New York and a growing number of parents are opting out! On This Hot Topic Tuesday Buffalo Speaks out about the Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing. Check this out.
Man's Perspective [VID]
Valentines Day is this Saturday and what you do or don't do on this day very well may determine the destiny of your relationship. A Buffalo man is stirring up controversy with his rant about women who expect too much and why he doesn't believe he should have to go all out on this one day! …
Best Reactions To Aaliyah Movie
Terrible. Disrespectful. BS! These are just some of the terms used to describe the Wendy Williams produced "AAliyah: Princess of R&B " Movie/ See how Timbaland and Black Twitter reacted inside.
"Where Dey At Doe?" [Viral Video]
I drove up to my daughter's school like "Where Dey At Doe"? Come to find out there's no school on Election Day. So we went home and started watching funny videos on Facebook and found News Anchor Dan Thron dancing to a mash-up of T.I. and Bobby Shmurda and it literally ga…
Biggest Tattoo Mistakes [Pics]
Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but a tattoo is forever! What is the biggest mistake you can make with a tattoo? Check out some of the worst Tattoos ever!
Do cops Stereotype?
Do stereotypes lead to excessive actions and force by police? Hear what Buffalo residents and area law enforment had to say on this Hot Topic Tuesday!
Frugal VS Cheap Dates [AUDIO]
So a man takes you out on a date and when it comes time to pay, he pulls out a COUPON! Would you feel like a "Cheap Date" or are you down with the discount date? Chime in and see what others think on this Hot Topic Tuesday!
Judge Power Trippin'?
Today's talk of the town is about Chad Ochocinco, who got sentenced to 30 days in jail, rather than community service, for violating probation. Who was in the wrong here -- Ochocinco or the judge? What do you think?
taxpayers save kindergartern
The Niagara-Wheatfield school district is re-considering cutting its Kindergarten program after receiving an ear full from concerned parents and teachers, but not without help from taxpayers. Check out the full story inside...
Cutting Kindergarten??
Is Kindergarten essential to your child's education? One WNY school district doesn't think so. Find out what budget cuts are on the table inside.
Should Reebok drop rick ross?
In New York City, a women’s right group called ‘UltraViolet’ is protesting in front of the Manhattan Flagship Reebok Store pressuring them to drop Rick Ross as their spokes person.
UltraViolet as well as other rape survivor groups are saying that Reebok is promot…

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