Valentines Day is this Saturday and what you do or don't do on this day very well may determine the destiny of your relationship. A Buffalo man is stirring up controversy with his rant about women who expect too much and why he doesn't believe he should have to go all out on this one day! Video and my response inside.

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What does Valentines Day mean to you? If he/ she does or doesn't shower you with gifts and attention on Feb 14th what impact does it have on your relationship? Your life ? And your measurement of Love?

This man's theory on the Holiday may shock and surprise you. Watch this!

"If a man is taking care of his responsibilities everyday, going to work, paying bills etc wh ydo women trip if they don't get a teddy bear or flowers on Valentines Day?"

- Darnell Baldwin

When I saw this video I immediately shared it on my Facebook wall and my guy friends agree with this scenario that "Valentine's Day is everyday". But as a woman, I have to say Valentine's is that one day where the whole world expects to spend special time with the one you love. Just like my birthday or our anniversary, it is not just another day!

No I don't trip if my man doesn't shower me with gift on Feb 14th, but he atleast should acknowledge the holiday and say Happy Valentines day with a kiss and a smile. Guys, if you are reading this and feeling bad because you can't give your girl diamonds and pearls, remember, it's the thought that counts. She will be happy as long as you spend quality time with her this weekend. And that means putting away your cell phone, tablet and computer and focus on each other!

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