Terrible. Disrespectful. BS! These are just some of the terms used to describe the Wendy Williams produced "AAliyah: Princess of R&B " Movie/ See how Timbaland and Black Twitter reacted inside.


First of all let me say, for a Lifetime original movie, it wasn't bad. But as an attempt to be a credible Bio-pic about life and legacy of Aaliyah, R. Kelly and all the super stars that contributed to her success, it failed miserably! They didn't even have rights to use any of the original music!

Timbaland was so disgusted that the movie moved forward without any legal rights or even the blessing from her family, he sent several tweets discouraging his followers from watching it Saturday night.

Damon Dash knew not to expect a whole lot of accuracy from this movie. Check out what he said about the legacy of his "Baby Girl"!

Of course everyone is talking about the bad casting for the roles of Missy and Timbaland!These actors look NOTHING like the Music Moguls!

Listen to what our listeners thought about the "Aaliyah: Princess of R&B" Movie:

#1 Complaint? R Kelly! The actor didn't look anything like Robert Kelly and they portrayed their relationship more like Romeo & Juliet rather than Catch a Predator!

We did however enjoy the young Nickelodeon actress Alexandra Shipp altough a lot of people are hating on her for doing the movie without the blessing of Aaliyah's family.

Many fans took to social media to joke about Lifetime's next movies. Because, if the network could cast a skinny actress to play Missy Elliott, who needs physical resemblance?


I'm done

I bet 2Pac & Aaliyah are having a good laugh in heaven right now!