hot topic tuesday

battle of the sexes memes
For this week's Hot Topic Tuesday, listeners had the chance to express what they don't like about the opposite sex. "I hate when Dudes be like I'll Be there in 5 Minutes!" Check out some of the funniest real life "Be Like" Memes inside.
Obama “Don’t Like” Romney [VIDEO]
Republican candidate Mitt Romney was caught on camera expressing his dislike for 47% of America who "think they are entitled to Health Care".
Meanwhile, footage of President Obama telling the DNC that he don't like Mitt Romney's face has also leaked! Check out th…
Arrested For Feeding The Homeless (Video)
Hot Topic Tuesday: It is now Illegal in many major cities to feed strangers. NYC Mayor Bloomberg recently banned donations to the citiy's homeless shelter citing obesity. He says because the city can't monitor the salt and fat content in the food that is dropped off, community contributions are not …
Police VS The People (VIDEO)
Hot Topic Tuesday: Do New York Police have the interest of "The People" at heart or do they misuse their power of authority to carry out their own agendas?
 Check out these videos  inside.