I attended Prince of Peace Temple C.O.G.I.C. Church in Buffalo one Sunday after being urged by the Pastor of the church (Rev. Vernal Harris) to come and see his Praise and Worship ALL GIRLS BAND who goes by the name "HEAVEN BOUND".

Rev. Harris ranted and raved about these young ladies and told me I would not believe what I would hear.  Well, of course he would be hyping up his Church Band because it's his church... so I believed him and came ... but not expecting a PHENOMENON to the extent that he was boasting.

When the young ladies finally started playing, my first reaction was ... WHAT!!!!!  THEY MUST BE PLAYING ALONG WITH A PRE-RECORDED TRACK.... THESE YOUNG LADIES CANNOT BE PLAYING THIS LIVE... but they were.  The Band consisted of Amber Hord (Keyboard), Taveem Gibson (Keyboard, Singer), Vidie Williams (Bass), Venzella Joy (Drums).  Each and every one of these young ladies were beyond PHENOMENAL!!!!

Fast forward a few years now and who would have ever DREAMED that these young ladies would be "discovered" and take their talents on the road NATIONALLY!!!!???  That's exactly what RIGHTFULLY SO) happened.  Heaven Bound's HUMBLE beginnings had now become a HUGE success outside of the church walls...which is almost impossible in today's music industry.

One of Heaven Bound's example of success outside of the church is highlighted by Bass Player, Vidie Williams', appearance on The Wendy Williams Show & Good Morning America where she played behind Nelly promoting his new single (at the time) "Rick James".

Another Member of Heaven Bound was discovered as well... The Drummer, Venzella Joy. Now I can tell you before you watch the video below... This young lady, Venzella Joy, is THE MOST HUMBLE PERSON you'd ever meet... and it's commendable because Venzella Joy was not just "discovered"...she has been "DISCOVERED BEYOND EVEN HER BELIEF"!!!!


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