Before we begin here, let's not be confused...The White House has recently re-nigged on their original claim that there needs to be a "Muslim Ban".. although expressed as such several times by now President Donald Trump during his campaign for President.  The White House is now claiming THE BAN IS NOT A BAN...rather it's a "PLAN" to PROTECT AMERICA FROM TERROR"!????

Well something hit me hard within the past day or so...we keep HEARING about the BAN but we aren't noticing my opinion.  There's something African-Americans KNOW which the average White American may not.  Let me put that last statement to the test...consider your own RACE while reading this next question:

How many of your friends, or people you know, are MUSLIM?  Now that you have that answer question: Do those people LOOK like terms of complexion?  Last question:  Have you had the same experience I've had growing up in the Inner City, driving through my Community on any given day, seeing Young and Older KEENLY DRESSED BLACK MEN IN SUIT AND BOW TIE literally in the middle of the street as you pass by, handing out "THE FINAL CALL"?  (Do you know what "THE FINAL CALL" is?)

The number of young Black Men practicing the Muslim Faith may equal or even surpass that of the number of young Black Men who embrace Christianity.  The Muslim influence is nothing new to the Black Community believe's roots are deep and have been for a long time... I can say that with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE because I've witnessed the influence before I was even old enough to READ!!!!!

I'm questioning a "Hidden Agenda" within THE MUSLIM BAN (which is now being denied as being such) ...but time will tell.  When the Chicago initiative is rolled out, we'll begin to see this Administration's "TRUE COLORS" (no pun intended), in my opinion!!!!


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