The Super Bowl Champs from a year prior, Seattle Seahawks, have been struggling to get victories, starting off the season with a 3-3 record. Teams who are unable to repeat their prior results usually are struggling in the locker room, and that became even more evident with the surprise trade of their star receiver, Percy Harvin to the New York Jets on Monday. The steel curtain has been drawn and we finally get some insight on the parasite that is killing the Seahawks and it begins with the dysfunctional locker room.

Apparently, the players feel that Russell Wilson is not like them and feel as though Wilson is entirely too close to the people in the front office. They have even gone as far as saying he isn’t ‘Black Enough’ (

There is also an element of race that needs to be discussed. My feeling on this—and it’s backed up by several interviews with Seahawks players—is that some of the black players think Wilson isn’t black enough.
This, again, was similar to the situation with McNabb. And this, again, will be denied by Seattle people. But there is an element of this.
This is an issue that extends outside of football, into African-American society—though it’s gotten better recently. Well-spoken blacks are seen by some other blacks as not completely black. Some of this is at play.

Crazy that our culture has an idea of being ‘Black Enough’. We often worry about the wrong things and we claim that we are treated horrible by other races. In actuality, we treat ourselves horrible and hold each other to terrible standards for example, whether someone is ‘Black Enough’.


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