Who says black girls can't ice skate! 13 yr old competitive figure skater Starr Andrew has her sights on the 2018 Olympics. Watch her viral video of her skating to Whip Your Hair and see how she is inspiring the next generation.


Starr and her mother credit Mabel Fairbanks for paving the way for their success in a sport lacking diversity. Mabel (November 14, 1916-October 2001) was an African-American figure skater and coach. She could not compete in the 1930s when Blacks weren't allowed to join a skating club.

It's no wonder where Starr gets her courage and determination. Her mother has heart disease and has survived 11 heart attacks!

Skating Starr Age 9 - This is the video that went viral as she figure skates and whips her braids around to Willow Smith's Song.

Skating Starr Age 6

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