Named by SZA, 'Sandy Sephora's' racial profiling has proven very costly for Sephora company. One thing is speculatively certain; 'Sandy Sephora', given the name by SZA, will more than likely have to change her fictitious last name to 'unemployed'. News reports are quoting SZA as saying the employee she referred to:

“called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing.”

Because of the incident, according to reports, Sephora will close all of its stores today for an hour of Diversity & Inclusion Training across the entire scope of the company.


This incident was a sort of 'DUMMY OF THE DECADE' mistake for the employee in question, as I discovered on YouTube while looking for news videos regarding this story.  I discovered a video from 1 year ago which promotes Sephora's proud values of Diversity & Inclusion...even coming up with the phrase, or name, SephoraIN, in celebration of their views regarding 'Differences' among people.

Sephora's closing for an hour of Diversity Training today is accompanied by a new video released to reiterate the company's stance regarding Diversity & Inclusion:

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