The Attorney for Rafael “Pito” Rivera's Family is speaking out and alleging the surveillance video of the Police Involved Shooting, resulting in Rivera's death, shows Rivera running from Police, according to News Reports.

Here's what Attorney Steve Cohen is saying, according to News Reports:

“There could be no interpretation of that video that [concludes] Mr. Rivera was pointing a gun at the police when he was shot,” Cohen said. “There could be no interpretation of that video [that concludes] at the time Pito was shot and killed that he posed any danger to the police.”

“Pito was running away from police, who were running behind him,” Cohen said. “They shot him in the back once. He fell and got up. They shot him in the back a second time. He fell down dead.”

Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, however, is quoted in the News as saying this:

“The suspect refused multiple requests by the officer to put the gun down,” Gramaglia said. “At that time, the officer discharged his service weapon to stop the immediate threat the suspect posed.”

Attorney Cohen is in direct opposition to the Deputy Police Commissioner's statement and said this, according to News Sources:

“It is disturbing that Deputy Commissioner Gramaglia supports this kind of conduct as a righteous shoot,” Cohen said. “If the Buffalo police consider this a righteous shoot, then no one is safe.”


In an interview with News Source, Investigative Post, Attorney Cohen (video link button below) pulled no punches and boldly states that he suspects a Police Cover-Up:

“When the police refuse to interact with the family, refuse to interact with the family’s attorney, refuse to answer questions, refuse to to show evidence, that suggests a coverup,” Cohen said.

“The family was not allowed to view the body,” he said. Cohen characterized the refusal as “very unusual.”

We will keep tabs on the developments regarding all of this and provide on-going updates.

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