This is serious now and should not be taken lightly.  Vaping is not safe, no matter what you've heard.  Also, according to a news story I saw yesterday, the Brand Juul is the most dangerous.

Locally, Dr. Jamie Wooldridge, Pulmonary Medicine at Oishei Children's Hospital and UB MD Pediatrics, said this (according to news reports):

"I've seen three cases already, all of them have been teenagers" she said. "The first patient actually ended up in the intensive care unit and his lung disease was so severe that ended up needing a ventilator for a few days.Which is really concerning because in that situation we don't know exactly what they are inhaling into their lungs" she said.

WGRZ's Leanne Stuck spoke with Dr. Wooldridge and tweeted this video:

According to the WGRZ News Story, Dr. Wooldridge added:

"It's just so severe that we as physicians can't reverse the process and unfortunately patients are dying" she said. "My concern is that it's just time before we see a death here in the State New York."

"Honestly it's scary" she continued. "Most of the time I take care of patients who have a lung disease and I know what it is and I know what I need to do to take care of it. Now I'm looking at a lung disease that is potentially fatal and I don't know exactly what to treat it with."

Dr. Wooldridge's final words (according to the report) of advice regarding this situation were eye-opening:

"These are dangerous products, please don't use them."

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