Man Pleas Guilty To Beating Dog To Death - Local News
I for one am a dog lover, I've always had dogs and I consider my furry "baby" a part of the family. I never leave my dog with the doggie daycare type places due to fear something may happen to "my baby"
Unfortunately a buffalo man justified my fear, Jarrod Dillman just plead guilt…
WBLK Remembers Michael Jackson 1958-2009
Michael Jackson Video Compilation:
Quotes from Michael Jackson:
If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that h…
CDC Report: NY Fentanyl Death Increase 135% [NEWS VIDEO]
Some unfortunate news from the Centers for Disease Control relative to Opioid related deaths in NYS.
Fentanyl laced Heroin seems to be the main culprit for the increase shockingly surpassing car related death by a whopping 2000.  The statistics are unprecedented, alarming, and tragic...
Mysterious Death of India Cummings at Erie County Jail
India Cumming's Attorney ,Matthew A. Albert, is quoted in the Buffalo News as saying, "It's difficult to say what happened....she (India Cummings) went from physically healthy to dead in three weeks".
India Cummings lived in Lackawanna, but is from Rochester, NY, and, according to the Buffa…
'SANDY SPEAKS' - The Sandra Bland Facebook Videos!
It's somewhat surreal that Sandra Bland recorded a number of videos prior to her untimely death while in jail in a Texas Holding Cell.  Her videos address the condition of Depression but regarding that topic, Sandra Bland offers much encouragement to persons dealing with it.
17 Year-Old Girl Shot and Killed by Police Caught on Video
You always hear about incidents with the police interacting with African-Americans, and the result being tragic where the individual ends up dead. Then there's public outrage within the African-American community, Al Sharpton shows up to organize a march, and the story is all over the national …
Remembering Marvin Gaye [VIDEO]
On April 1, 1984 legendary Motown Singer Marvin Gaye was killed by his own father. Today we celebrates his life, legacy and multi-million dollar lawsuit that was awarded in favor of his offspring.

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