WIVB.com has posted a stabbing which was caught on a video surveillance camera outside of a Convenience Store on Pierce Avenue in Niagara Falls.   It seems two girls had an ongoing dispute that culminated in this incident outside the store.... here's the video...but be warned before watching.... it may be very disturbing to some.


Ok...the video is what it is.  It's pretty evident that Jazzie Bennett, who is being charged as the "SUSPECT" was (in this scenario) the original victim as she RAN AWAY!  HELLOOOOOO!  Sound familiar?

As I watch this and recall Mr. Zimmerman stating to the 911 Dispatcher that "He's (he being Trayvon) running"; I can't help but imagine that this is the way things may have gone for Trayvon.  So will it end up that Trayvon as well will be deemed the "SUSPECT" and Zimmerman (who followed / chased him) will turn out to be the "VICTIM" (unfortunately Trayvon didn't have a knife or weapon...only Skittles & Iced Tea).

C'mon!!!  What!!!  How is it you run away from danger and then defend yourself and YOU are now in trouble? HUH?

Here's another incident (a video) I'd like you to watch (ironically in Niagara Falls again) and tell me if you think Jazzie Bennett, or the 10 year boy who stabbed a woman in the following video, should be charged with ANYTHING? Why are the aggressors... in the Jazzie Bennett situation...and the 10 year old boy scenario...just walking around FREE?  Why?  How?...AND....in light of the fact that George Zimmerman also "SUPPOSEDLY" defended himself and actually KILLED someone...why or how is it that a seperate state in this "UNITED" States has a law that virtually protects the aggressor and that he is also walking around FREE?  I just don't get it....I just don't.  Maybe you have an answer... watch and comment!


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