George Zimmerman

Zimmerman Selling Gun!
This is the most unbelievable story I think I've ever heard!
George Zimmerman is actually auctioning off the gun he used to  kill Trayvon Martin! If that's not shocking enough, he's also saying he will use the money he receives to campaign against Hillary Clinton and the Black Liv…
George Zimmerman Is BACK!
George Zimmerman just doesn't seem to GO AWAY!!!  Zimmerman is BACK with a video he recorded blaming The President for the difficult racial tensions surrounding Trayvon Martin's Death.
I blame the Justice System... in my opinion, had Justice been served regarding Trayvon Martin's …
Zimmerman to Jail?
You may remember him as the over zealous neighborhood watchman in Florida who took the life of Trayvon Martin, or you may remember him for getting acquitted of all charges in that case. Either way, he has been making headlines every since then going in and out jail.
Jerk Of the week this week is more like jerk of the year - must I say it, George Zimmerman.
Say his name three times in the dark and you too will be cursed with stupidity for life. Seems someone at the big Orlando gun show in Florida thought it would be a good idea to have Mr...
Zimmerman Flees Miami
Word on the street is that George Zimmerman was at the beach with his girlfriend, her son and his younger brother. Once the beach-goers noticed who they were sharing the sun with, they started harassing him, and someone even screamed there was $10,000 on his head!
Zimmerman Fight Back On?
The promoter of the George Zimmerman vs. DMX Celebrity boxing match got cold feet and has cancelled the fight. But now a new promoter says he will put Zimmerman in the ring, and, oh yes...there will be blood!
I'm updating my original BLOG COMMENTARY regarding the Zimmerman VS DMX Celebrity Boxing Match with this VIDEO of a New York Radio Station DJ Vowing to do everything within his power to make sure the Fight does not happen!!!!
I'm disgusted...
arrested......AGAIN !
The infamous gun slinging George Zimmerman is back at it again. The man who a lot of people think got a way with murder was arrested again for domestic dispute with his girlfriend. This is the fourth time George Zimmerman had been in trouble with law enforcement since winning his murder trial...

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