Several families who have loved ones that have been moved at St. Matthews Cemetery are filing lawsuits against the business, according to new reports and Attorney Barry Covert.

"They purposely made a conscious decision to allow the families to go through this kind of emotional turmoil," attorney Barry Covert said.

Covert, according to reports, is representing at least 75 families affected by St, Matthews moving grave sites without notifying family members

"They're all distraught. They're all disheartened by what happened," Covert added. "They're at various levels of grieving especially the ones who recently buried their loved ones."

Covert added:

"The cemetery knew the ground was too soft, yet the cemetery decided to bury bodies and disturb the ground on a massive level, and now, we're supposed to be surprised that the grounds couldn't hold the caskets and the ground is allegedly going into the creek? The cemetery knew there was a problem."

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