The climate in America regarding guns is frightening.  Despite the fact that gun advocates are accurate in their claim that guns can be used for protection, there is no removing another basic fact that guns are solely used in the United States to do harm to human beings and animals.  That is unarguably the only function a gun has...inflict harm.

With that said, ask yourself this question.  What message do toy guns send to toddlers, to adolescents, to young adults?  Even if a gun produces water from its barrel is suggestive of 'targeting and shooting something'.  Why doesn't this Country have legislation such that toy guns are no longer able to be sold in the U.S?  Our Country's gun-related problems are very easily identified by searching 'UnitedStates Mass Shootings' online.

Here's how Wikipedia reads regarding Mass Shootings in the U.S.:

323 mass shootings occurred in 2018 that fit the inclusion criteria of this article, resulting in 1,661 people being shot. Of those people, 387 people have died.

...and in 2019?

A not for profit entity called, Gun Violence Archive (GVA), is reporting that as of November 17, which is the 321st day of this year, there have been more mass shootings than there are days this year...369 (so far).

Let's take a look at the gun-related toys that are marketed to kids as TOYS YOU CAN HAVE FUN WITH AND PRETEND.  I sadly laugh at that concept because there's an insightful and simple answer as to why toy guns are marketed towards kids as items you can have fun with.  I wonder how the average young person at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, feels after the mass shooting took place just the other day, on November 14, that left two teenage students dead and three wounded. The shooter is suspected to be a 16-year-old student who subsequently shot himself in the head and died the next day.  Imagine the reaction of the surviving student body feels when they see items like the following on sale in stores.

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson


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