CA Pays for Inmate Sex Change
Well it used to be called a 'SEX CHANGE' but has now been re-labeled 'SEX RE-ASSIGNMENT SURGERY' and the State of California has announced that they have been Ordered to pay for the surgery for the 1st Ever Inmate Sex Reassignment Surgery (Sex Change)...
LAPD Shoot Homeless Man Dead
29-year-old Brendon Glenn was a New York native who found himself homeless on the streets of Venice, CA. Today he is the latest hashtag in the fight against police killing of unarmed citizens. LAPD Police Chief says he is "very concerned" about this unjustified shooting.
The Prancing Elites
In a world where celebrities are redefining gender fashion rules and the Nation is coming together to protect the rights of gays in Indiana, are we ready to accept the non Traditional dance Team the "Prancing Elites" ? Watch the trailer for the new show and leave your thoughts.
Video Released
Last Wednesday, Comedian Katt Williams and his manager-friend, Suge Knight , were both arrested on robbery charges after an altercation with a female paparazzi. We have been trying to figure out exactly what happened that led to this outlandish arrest and now video has been released of the altercati…
Man Runs Over Head, Oprah..Toe
In the last few days there have been a couple freak car accidents in which body parts have been rolled over by the heavy vehicles yet the victims survive! In California a man ran over his own head and in Florida Oprah jumps into action after her driver crushed a woman's toe.
Arrest Firefighter During Emergency
What in the world? Really?
Apparently it's firefighter procedure when tending to a highway emergency, to block oncoming traffic to ensure of the safety of the firemen.... Cool, makes perfect sense. What doesn't make sense is the highway patrolman's reaction to Firefighter protocol...

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