"We're getting married and you are moving into the White House with me."

Get a first look at tonight's season finale of 'Scandal'.

(Claps Hands) I am SO happy that Fitz is following his heart and going after the election honestly with the woman he loves on his arm.

"I Love YOU" President Fitz tells Olivia.

"The American people love Mellie, they're the ones that have a problem! Fix 'em Liv



Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. for the Season 2 finale of my favorite show on TV, 'Scandal', and find out who is trying to kill Olivia Pope! Yes, there are tons of twists and turns in store tonight.


Did you miss the cast on 'Good Morning America' on Tuesday? Watch it here:

Where is Harrison's fine self? He was missing from all press appearances this week.

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