When I was in the 4th Grade some baldheaded cowardice male teacher actually slapped me in the face because, according to him, I smirked when he told our class or 9 or 10 year-olds to get in line ... I was in line but he felt as though I smirked (and so what if I did) and he slapped the &$%# out of me.  I can't remember whether he was fired but I do remember meeting with him MynMom and the Principal and my Mom going over to him and asking him how he hit me while demonstrating the example on his bald head.  He didn't DARE retaliate.

Then in Latin Class in at Allendale-Columbia in Rochester, my Latin Teacher, Mrs. Litchfield, slapped me for the same thing.  Hmmm, maybe I was a la 'smirker' ...which was so sad for her because she was fino, rapio, termino ...all Latin for FIRED!

Well, the two recent incidents you're about to see caught on camera are FAR BEYOND the slaps I got ... these teacher attacks are BRUTAL.  I wonder if the 'smirk' was what got the students 'beatdown'...such an inappropriate word to have to write to describe what these FEMALE teachers did to their students... but it fits 100%.  Very Sad and ***WARNING*** Very Disturbing.


Things have certainly changed, in terms of the level of violence used against students these days, but despite the increased level of violence involving teachers physically assaulting students...it was, and still is ... highly inappropriate.

Parents are Upset:

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