Joan Rivers Calls Obamas Gay
(Via IAMBRIANJAMES.COM) Yes, you read that correctly Joan Rivers, actor, comedian and TV host, called the married President of the United States, Barack Obama, the first Gay President.
Feel Like Biggie/Pac [NewTube]
This NewTube Thursday "I Feel Like Pac, I Feel Like Biggie" "The Way We Ride" on our enemies and hit up em that's a "TKO" "Right There". So if you're looking for a bunch of throwback videos "Dis Ain't Wha…
It Wont Stop & Primetime Vids
Don't Get "Paranoid", the NewTube "Hop Is Back" and "It Won't Stop"! You know we can "Never Surrender" to the forces that would prevent us from bringing you the hottest music videos of the week on demand and in &qu…
Must Tweet TV: Scandal or Bills?
As you already know, Scandal Season 3 debuts tonight on ABC and right here in Buffalo, the Bills will have the NFL spotlight for Thursday night football. What will you be watching?
Personally there is absolutely no question what I'll be watching tonight...
scandal finale teaser
"We're getting married and you are moving into the White House with me."
Get a first look at tonight's season finale of 'Scandal'.
Fantasia's 'idol' performance
If you wondered why Fantasia was all over your timeline last night, you obviously missed her performance of "Lose To Win" on AI last night. Luckily, your girl Jazzy T snagged the footage and posted it for you inside.
Watch the clips here!
Fox has pulled an episode of 'Family Guy' after an Internet blogger suggested it predicted the Boston Marathon bombings. Decide for yourself inside.

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