Two cities in New York State have made the top 20 list of places with the most murders this year. 24/7 Wall St. conducted a study of cities in the United States with the highest murder rates.

Across over 90 large or historically high-crime U.S. cities with available data, a total of 5,371 homicides have been reported so far in 2022 – down slightly from 5,564 over the same period last year.

It's no surprise that two cities in New York made the list. Even with some of the strictest gun laws in America, many cities in the state have been plagued by gun violence. The two cities that made the list are among the most populated in the state. The bad part about it is that they are on a list with cities that have significantly bigger populations like Chicago, Memphis, DC, and Detroit - places where you expect higher murder rates due to so many people living in them.

How Did 24/7 Wall St. Come Up With The Ranking?

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The site used 2022 homicide data, along with population data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey. The murder rate is determined by the number of murders year to date for every 100,000 people.

We considered all U.S. cities with populations of at least 250,000 as well as cities with smaller populations and an average of at least 10 homicides a year between 2015 and 2019. Only cities with publicly available homicide data were considered.


These Two Cities In New York State Are Among The Top 20 Places With The Most Murders

19. Buffalo, NY

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> Murders YTD per 100,000 people: 15.6
> Total murders Jan. 1 – June 30, 2022: 40
> Population: 255,805

9. Rochester, NY

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Google Maps

> Murders YTD per 100,000 people: 22.8
> Total murders Jan. 1 – Aug. 9, 2022: 47
> Population: 206,357

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