A Social Live Stream Ban?
There have been several undesirable Live Streaming videos on Facebook (primarily), Instagram, Twitter, etc, which has culminated in a brutal murder of a 74 Year-Old man by a Cleveland man...all posted LIVE on FB!
Based on this latest incident, and live streaming on Social Media in general, maybe a co…
Violence leaves two men Dead
Unfortunately the violence continues to plague the inner city of Buffalo, NY. Two men involved in separate incidents Friday morning have succumbed to their injuries.
According to WIVB, a 52-year-old man was stabbed in the 200 block of Oakmont Avenue around 8:15 am...
After Fatal Beating!!!!
Video Courtesy of - WIVB (Youtube)
Mental health is a real issue and we as a community must deal with it head on. It also seems to be the go to defense for someone who commits a heinous crime.
According to WIVB, Cody Jeffords, 21, is accused of beating Justin Vanderwalker, 19, to death; the dispute is…
5 Month Old!!!!
As a parent one of my many jobs is to make sure my child is safe or in a safe environment at all times. Nothing seems to be more unnatural than reading a story about a parent killing their child. I couldn't image what it has to feel like to live with the fact that you took your own child's…

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