After Fatal Beating!!!!
Video Courtesy of - WIVB (Youtube)
Mental health is a real issue and we as a community must deal with it head on. It also seems to be the go to defense for someone who commits a heinous crime.
According to WIVB, Cody Jeffords, 21, is accused of beating Justin Vanderwalker, 19, to death; the dispute is…
5 Month Old!!!!
As a parent one of my many jobs is to make sure my child is safe or in a safe environment at all times. Nothing seems to be more unnatural than reading a story about a parent killing their child. I couldn't image what it has to feel like to live with the fact that you took your own child's…
Niagara Falls Twins Indicted for Murder
Two visibly unsuspecting twins have been indicted for murder in The Falls!  Niagara Falls Police are saying 22-year-old twins Keon D. McTyere and Deon K. McTyere have both been indicted for the murder of 31-year-old, Fajri Hilson.

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