The season might be over but Kirk from Love & Hip Hop ATL is dishin tea about some of the ladies of Atlanta Exes, more specifically Usher's ex-wife Tameka! She vehemently denied being crazy during last night'a episode but Kirk says otherwise! This is what he had to say about Tameka in an interview on;

Are you friends with or know any of the girls on the cast of Atlanta Exes?

Two of them I’m close with Monyettaand Tameka. I know Tameka. I know she’s crazy. [laughs]
Are you saying that like you really know, or is that based on what you hear?

Shirea, we’ve been out together! We just hung out the other day and the day before that! She’s off the chain! She will go in on somebody. She’ll go all the way in! I knew Tameka before she was married to Usher; I knew her before she was married to the other guy, Brian. She’ll go off, and she’s territorial. She’s wild! She’s cool though, at least we’re cool, but she’ll go off on your ass.

I don't know Kirk! There goes those feminine tendencies again lol but from watching the season so far? He might actually be on to something.

Now ow heading over to LA, Mona Scott Young definitely didn't hold back on beefing up the cast for her latest creation. I'm assuming this is to allow room for cuts of less favorable characters once the season gets into full swing. It was far too many people for me to go into specifics about on air, so if some of the people I named are unfamiliar, click this link to get their stories!