Rochester, NY, believe it or not, is one of the 1st Cities in America to have an NFL Team.  They were called the Rochester Jeffersons, founded and organized by a group of teenagers from Rochester who started out playing Street Football on Jefferson Avenue, then onto playing amateur Football and Semi-Pro Football before forming a Pro team for the inaugural season of the National Football League, according to Wikipedia.

WXXINews Published on Nov 6, 2013
Published on Nov 6, 2013

Based upon Rochester, NY having had one of the first ever NFL Football Teams, formed in 1898 and becoming a part of the NFL in n1920, the Buffalo Bills have appropriately chosen Rochester's Mayor Lovely Warren to announce their 6th Round Draft Pick in the upcoming 'NFL 100' Celebration Draft, according to Rochester's Democrat & Chronicle Newspaper.

The NFL is celebrating 100 Years and you may remember the following commercial during the Big Game this year:

NFL 100 "Original Towns" to be Honored:

The League will be honoring the following “Original Towns”: 

  • Akron, Ohio (Akron Pros)
  • Buffalo, New York (Buffalo All- Americans)
  • Canton, Ohio (Canton Bulldogs)
  • Chicago, Illinois (Racine Cardinals)
  • Hammond, Indiana (Hammond Pros)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland Tigers)
  • Rochester, New York (Rochester Jeffersons)
  • Columbus, Ohio (Columbus, Panhandles)
  • Rock Island, Illinois (Rock Island Independents)
  • Dayton, Ohio (Dayton Triangles)
  • Decatur, Illinois, (Decatur Stanleys)
  • Detroit, Michigan (Detroit Heralds)
  • Munice, Indiana (Munice Flyers)

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