Rih has been hit… again! According to TMZ, Rihanna’s Hollywood hills home was burglarized for the second time this year. Now if you remember back in May, a man was arrested for breaking into her home (and spending the night) claiming he was waiting on the bad gyal so they could have relations, (looking eyes). The man was charged with felony stalking and burglary!

A few months after that scary incident, cops showed up at the same house because her alarm went off but no one was arrested and nothing was stolen, thankfully. However, this time around Rih wasn’t so lucky. Apparently LAPD swarmed Rihanna’s home after her house alarm went off around 10:30 p.m. last night. Rihanna wasn’t home and thankfully neighbors said they saw as many as 3 different suspects fleeing her home in a silver car.


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