There aren't many people who DO NOT know someone who has or is suffering from Cancer.  If you're in Buffalo, NY, there is a name synonymous with Cancer Research, Management, and Healing ... Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Roswell's 'Annual Ride for Roswell' is one of Roswell's Signature and Most Significant Events.  The ride consist of literally thousand upon thousand of participants riding their bikes the distance of any one of the many different Ride Routes to raise funds to fight cancer.  All of the routes and details can he heard below in my (Todd Anderson') interview with Chet Seacrest, a Two Time Cancer Survivor and Husband and Father of 2, and Maria Turner,, Marketing & Communications Director in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

Both guests share pertinent info regarding the Ride for Roswell, what to expect, and the return reward you get from participating.  YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE!

2017 Ride for Roswell Recap Video:

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