Just ask anyone that knows Jerry Livingston, they would tell you that not only is he an amazing bass player, to say the least, he is also the nicest, most kind gentleman anyone would ever meet. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jerry in the same venue a few times, Jerry would always either have some kind words for me or encouraging words just to keep a smile on my face.

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Now Jerry Livingston needs help keeping a smile on his face and local musicians are showing their support. Less than six months ago Jerry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Jerry's wife Diane notice a change in his eyes and forced him to see a doctor. The good thing is that it has been detected early. Mr. Livingston has already had his chemotherapy, and now he is getting ready for his surgery on April 14.

Jerry Livingston's list of accolades can be talked about for days, he has toured with Rick James, he also taught music at Villa Maria College just to name a couple of things. There has been a GoFundMe set up by GCR Audio Recording to help with medical expenses.

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We all know that it is extremely important for men to be checked early and often, as you can see early detection can be a life-changing experience. We all know how men truly hate going to see a doctor, but we can also see why it is so very important.

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