I live in Niagara Falls, NY and am always perplexed when I look out into the horizon and see a beautiful skyline in Canada, while looking at mostly closed businesses and run down neighborhoods on the American side of the Falls.  Aren't we supposed to be the example...'America The Great'?  Or maybe the 'claim' belongs to everything in America outside of Niagara Falls.  The town, for the most part is a pig-stye.

The Niagara Falls government and NYS have had an ongoing financial disputes with the Seneca's, and the Casino, but now actual residents are re-pointing the bigger finger at the state of NY, seemingly citing a misappropriation of funds that should be ear-marked for Niagara Falls specifically.


Reclaim Niagara Organizer Jason Cafarella was quoted as saying this: (according to WGRZ News):

What we're asking for is for the state to come to the table and address these issues, and we have ideas of how the state can help fix these injustices that have occurred over generations that won't cost the state taxpayers, it won't cost the city taxpayers."

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