In a season where rappers are losing endorsement deals because of insensitive, immoral lyrics, one rapper is turning down big bucks because the product doesn't meet HIS moral standards! Sound too good to be true? I have proof inside. 

On this Know Thyself Community Wednesday, we're discussing the trend of young people throwing away knowledge and morals in the pursuit of money. Many of our listeners point to the music industry that glorifies fast money and fast girls.


I am happy to report that rapper Immortal Technique continues to put his morals before any big paycheck!

Felipe Andres Coronel, better known by his stage name Immortal Technique, is a conscious rapper born in Peru and raised in Harlem. He has been a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement and consistently speaks out about poverty, government corruption and institutional racism.

So I wasn't surprised when he tweeted out against unsafe products in popular drinks.


Check out the entire Twitter thread as written by @ImmortalTechnique:

99.999% of the people out there understand what I sacrifice to do what I do. But there is always that % of lunatics who can't process logic.

That's why I laugh when people say, you sold out Technique, HAHA. Why because I became successful & never compromised my art.

Let me explain.

 Do you have any idea how many people offering me money to promote their shitty product,s I have to turn down all the time?

Hip Hop shows/festivals are typically sponsored by things that are horrible for your health. With a few exceptions.

I turned down 15K the other day for a "sports drink." I read the ingredients. I'm like, "Are you trying to kill Black & Latino people?"

Meeting ended.

Sorry I left out the best parts. The ingredients were known to cause high heart rates, dumped full of sugar caused cancer in lab animals etc.

You know, just like those some of the soda's you are going to drink today. I'm not a health nut. I slip up/treat myself once in a while. But some of this stuff (FDA approved) is killing us & I want to live.

So I guess they wanted me to do this, it's not like that drink wouldn't kill Asians, Whites, but an "Urban Demographic" is coded language.

Routine is usually get a black or brown face. They become the representative of that agenda. Whether that agenda is a corporate one, a Republican one (watch the latinos they roll out to make us forget their racism) or a Democratic one, (more deported under Obama than Bush)

Everyone has a price. Everyone. Mine just isn't money !

LOVE HIM FOR THIS!!! Now check this out..

The song below was my first introduction to Immortal Technique more than 10 years ago.

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