Man...this is a crazy week for Mr. Ricky Rozay! First, his date rape lyric was dropped from Rocko's song "U.O.E.N.O." (Click here for the new remix) and now he is dropped from his million-dollar endorsement deal with Reebok.

Today, Reebok spoke with TMZ and released this statement:

"Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand. Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do  so.


While we do not believe that Rick Ross  condones sexual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an  understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of  remorse."


It seems as though Reebok didn't drop Rick Ross just because of his lyric but also because of his apology. They just didn't think he was serious enough. To see his half apology, click here.

Rick Ross had to have known that something crazy would come out of those lyrics! He's most likely going to lose more money because he has other endorsements that probably feel the same as Reebok.

However, I hope that other music artist uses this situation as a lesson! Don't let your lyrics come in between you and that money! #BOSS

Check out what these celebs had to say about the situation...


Also, the women's rights group that was petitioning for Reebok to drop Rick Ross released this statement on twitter...


Personally I agree with Reebok's statement completely! It's not really the lyrics that are so bad, but his nonchalant attitude that got him to this point. I actually had a caller call into the Hot Topic Tuesday conversation, and she told me she takes Molly and can testify that it makes you WANT to have sex, therefore it would be consensual sex, not rape.

Mark Lamont Hill from HuffPost Live sums it up for us:


It looks like the days of conscious rap may be on the horizon once again, as We the People demand them to be socially responsible.

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