rapper refuses endorsement
In a season where rappers are losing endorsement deals because of insensitive, immoral lyrics, one rapper is turning down big bucks because the product doesn't meet HIS moral standards! Sound too good to be true? I have proof inside.
Reebok Gives Ross the Boot!
Man...this is a crazy week for Mr. Ricky Rozay! First, his date rape lyric was dropped from Rocko's song "U.O.E.N.O." (Click here for the new remix) and now he is dropped from his million-dollar endorsement deal with Reebok.
Should Reebok drop rick ross?
In New York City, a women’s right group called ‘UltraViolet’ is protesting in front of the Manhattan Flagship Reebok Store pressuring them to drop Rick Ross as their spokes person.
UltraViolet as well as other rape survivor groups are saying that Reebok is promot…