It's being touted as 'A Day Full of Flying Pumpkins, Local Beer, and Family Activities'.  Local breweries held Buffalo's 1st ever competition for breweries called TreBrewChet: A Brewery Trebuchet Competition that took place at the Outer Harbor yesterday.

This Pumpkin launching stuff is no joke as you'll see in the video below:

The Buffalo event's launcher weren't nearly as large as the one in the video above but still a spectacle to see.  According to news sources, Ethan Cox, co-organizer and president of Community Beer Works, said this about the Buffalo event:

"We wanted to do something completely out of the ordinary.It's a fun, geeky, family-friendly event that helps promote the brewing and farming industries.What we thought we'd do was have a beer fest that's a little bit different from your average beer fest. We wanted something entertaining to actually be the focus besides the beer. And I thought nothing is more entertaining than flinging pumpkins with medieval siege weapons."

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