You've heard people speak of the moon and stars being "perfectly aligned" so that plans go on perfectly as planned. And today, this IS a reality, as the planets, moon and stars form the sacred Star of David and open up portals of possibilities!


The planets involved are in the following constellations at the moment the moon squares the sun, which is the energy jolt that manifests the six-point star, also known as the Merkaba formation.

Jupiter - Cancerian
Mars - Cancerian
Venus - Virgo
Saturn - Scorpio
Pluto - Capricorn
Neptune - Pisces

This mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry (Star of David ✡) is a portal between Heaven and Earth and supports us in grounding spiritual energy.

Because Saturn and Pluto are in this configuration, our spiritual power is greatly enhanced. This is a profound time for setting your intentions for new creations through spiritual rituals, prayer, dance, music, writing and meditating.

This is a time of miracles.

"Be like a child - clear, loving, spontaneous, infinitely flexible and ready each moment to wonder and accept a miracle."
~ Mother Meera

It is simply an opportunity to find a moment of connection, of prayer. As with everything, nothing magical is going to happen on its own. It is up to us to bring the magic, to add our magic to creation.

Now that you know about this awesome planetary event, take an hour or so to mediate and pray for peace, prosperity, freedom and justice for all!