I'm going to start by saying President Trump suggested a policy where teachers carry guns with them in classrooms...that didn't go over too well and did not happen. Now consider the mistake Pastor Ulysses S. Wingo made by unintentionally bringing a gun into Riverside High School and upon realizing he had it, he went to the principal and told him he was in possession of the gun upon which time the principal stored the gun in his office.

How Pastor Wingo is being investigated and this whole thing is being blown up is so beyond my understanding. Pastor Wingo was not only honest about the fact that he had a firearm upon entering the school, but he also apologized after the fact saying that it was unintentional...in other words...a mistake.

However, things are being taken a step further and investigated. How the hell do you investigate a mistake? Somethings deserve some common sense as we know Pastor Wingo is no threat to anyone.

The 'investigation' has produced a suspension of sorts for the principal who was trying to be helpful and respectful of the Pastor, who told the truth, and now both are being ridiculed and dragged over the coals for BOTH, in my estimation, doing the right thing.

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