In a world where celebrities are redefining gender fashion rules and the Nation is coming together to protect the rights of gays in Indiana, are we ready to accept the non Traditional dance Team the "Prancing Elites" ? Watch the trailer for the new show and leave your thoughts.

The Prancing Elites, an all African American, gay, and gender-nonconforming dance team from Mobile, Alabama, dance their way to success as they look to overcome bigotry and rejection and break down barriers and follow their dreams.

A shout out to everybody following their hearts: Keep dreaming. Keep climbing.#MondayMotivation #PrancingElites

Posted by The Prancing Elites Project on Monday, April 6, 2015

This "Project" airing on the Oxygen network will challenge America to look beyond the skin color and gender of these performers and watch the journey of friends who are working to live out their dream.

But many people are still uncomfortable with the "Alternative Lifestyles" of the LGBT community. Just today, it was announced that YouTube Star Taylor Alesana, a transgender teen in California who spoke out about being bullied, committed suicide last week.

The 16 year old gained popularity on YouTube for her make-up tutorials, but in real life, she faced intolerable bullying.

In this video posted in December, she revealed she was going to live publicly as a boy for a while.

“I’ve had a very hard last couple of weeks,” she said. “I had to go back in the closet and dress like a boy and cut my nails off and cut my hair off. I did this for my own protection. I was being bullied a lot at school.”

So please, when you see Prancing Elites Project on Oxygen starting April 22nd or encounter a transgender man/female, have a little compassion. Your smile just might save a life!

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