Beauty & Beast Controversy?
There's an Alabama Drive-In Theater refusing to show the new release of an updated 'Beauty & The Beast' claiming they don't show movies that compromise what the Bible teaches.  This stance is based upon the film's Director, Bill Condon, (according to News reports) stating that one of the characters in 'Beauty & The Beast “is confused about his sexuality.” ...
'ELLEN' Cancels Kim Burrell!
This is getting a ton of attention!  Kim Burrell was scheduled to appear on "ELLEN' but the talk Show Host CANCELLED Kim Burrell appearance due to the following comments Burrell made in a Church Service. TAKE THE POLL AFTER VIDEO: (Below) TAKE THE POLL:
The Prancing Elites
In a world where celebrities are redefining gender fashion rules and the Nation is coming together to protect the rights of gays in Indiana, are we ready to accept the non Traditional dance Team the "Prancing Elites" ? Watch the trailer for the new show and leave your thoughts.
Jamal 'COMES OUT' On 'Empire'!
Did you see "EMPIRE" last night??  WHOA!!!! Lucious convinced his son, Jamal, to sing one his songs...explaining that Music is everlasting and a means of EXPRESSION one should take advantage of.... So that's EXACTLY what Jamal did... with a SURPRISE TWIST which SHOCKED his Dad (Lucious) WATCH>>>>>
Gay Nikon Commercial Uproar!
This Nikon Commercial is causing an uproar and controversy since the Couple in the Video additionally posted a picture of themselves doing "their children's hair" on Facebook! The picture (shown below) went Viral as well as the Nikon Commercial...
'Delivert' Gay Man Speaks
Andrew Caldwell has become an internet sensation after being 'delivert' from homosexuality on camera during the COGIC Conference. The video has officially gone viral as most are laughing because of his commentary but some are seriously looking into the video and wondering if it was a fraud.
Don't Call Me Gay or African Am.
Raven Symone is still trending on Twitter after debuting her Rainbow Unicorn Hairstyle and comments on Oprah's show Sunday night. She the controversial Instagram Pic and watch her speak out against Gay and African American labels inside.
Prom Queen!
As Gay Pride celebrations were gearing up here in the Queen City, a gay student in Connecticut was proud to be accepted and celebrated as the high schools Prom Queen! Watch this exclusive interview inside.
Bimbo Ends Mr Cee's Career
New York DJ & Radio Personality has resigned in the wake of an audio tape of him soliciting sex from a male drag queen named Bimbo Whitehouse.
Is Black, Male + Gay Taboo?
Before I begin, let me state very CLEARLY that what you're about to read need not be misconstrued or misinterpreted such that ANYONE extract from it an attitude associated with me expressing any personal NON-ACCEPTANCE of ANYONE choosing to practice a same-sex lifestyle.

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