Al Wood Shares How He Landed On Drake's Album
Since Friday the entire city of Buffalo has been buzzing with talks of the connection of Buffalo to Drake's new album Scorpion.
Drake made it clear via his Instagram story that WBLK is the station that raised him and that we were indeed a clear force in Toronto...
Swizz Beatz vs Just Blaze
Now, this is what I call HIP-HOP!  As a lover of the culture and fan of the art when I found out that Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze were making a battle happen live on Instagram I had to be a witness.  
Today two of my favorite producers Swizz Beatz & Just Blaz…
"Taser challenge"
I don't know what's wrong with people these days. Is there anything you wont do for likes on social media.
There seems to be a new game called the "Taser Challenge". The game involves someone putting a mental object in their mouth and tazing the object with a taser...
The Prancing Elites
In a world where celebrities are redefining gender fashion rules and the Nation is coming together to protect the rights of gays in Indiana, are we ready to accept the non Traditional dance Team the "Prancing Elites" ? Watch the trailer for the new show and leave your thoughts.
"Chef Curry With The Pot" [VIDEO]
Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry got a major shot out in Drake's o to 100 hit single. And now real-life basketball wive Ayesha Curry returns the favor in her viral hit "Chef Curry with the Pot" and Drake loves it! Peep the videos here.
Do NOT Try This! #FireChallenge
Generation Z will do anything for attention!! The most disturbing "challenge" I've seen on Facebook is not only stupid but incredibly dangerous. Check out the #FireChallenge video inside.

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