16 Year-Old Found Dead
I just don't understand.  How does a 16 Year-Old boy end up dead in a vacant lot ANYWHERE in Buffalo and no one knows anything??????  That's simply called BS...and you know what I'm saying.
Isn't the Buffalo Community sick and tired?  A boy who has barely begun his …
Buffalo Tire Thief Deflated!
19 Year-Old Hector Santiago thought no one was watching...but he was mistaken.
This to me is an unfortunate story and I say that because we are not 19 Year-Old Hector Santiago.  I stress his age again because I was once 19 and made some poor decisions...
Canalside Fight Outrage!
I'm trying hard to imagine myself growing up as a teenager and fighting with another individual in public, broad daylight and embarrassing myself.
However, rather than public fights being embarrassing these days, public fights among youth is the only acceptable means of handling conflict...
Lockport Teen POTUS Threat?
Eighteen-year-old Jared Brown, according to news reports and depositions, picked up his phone and called the police and FBI and allegedly announced to them that he would KILL That N**** ... allegedly referring to President Barack Obama.
WATCH: (Full Story Link After Video)
Teenager Hit and Killed in Crosswalk
19-year old Chelsea Chandler from Cheektowaga has died after being hit by a car on a crosswalk last night.
She was crossing Harlem Road at Walden around 11:30 pm Thursday evening when a vehicle heading South on Harlem struck her. Officers say the driver did have a green light and didn't see Chan…
The Kylie Jenner Challenge!
There's new TEEN TREND On Social Media & YourTube called the 'KYLIE JENNER CHALLENGE' which originated from Teens attempting to acquire full lips like Kylie Jenner, who is related to the Kardashians.   Seems pretty innocent and harmless... ...
The Prancing Elites
In a world where celebrities are redefining gender fashion rules and the Nation is coming together to protect the rights of gays in Indiana, are we ready to accept the non Traditional dance Team the "Prancing Elites" ? Watch the trailer for the new show and leave your thoughts.
Hers'a n example as to why people are marching and FED UP....
What you're about to see is RIDICULOUS, UNCALLED FOR, OVER THE LINE, AND PROSECUTABLE (if that's even a word)..... but did the later happen?????
Post by Justice for Michael Brown.

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