he lavck of it...which is a     No shots were fired at Galleria Mall as rumors would have it.  Instead, there were numerous fights which prompted every Police force in the area, including the National Guard, to respond.

Details aside, what type...and I want to stress the word 'TYPE' of person, fights inside of a Public Mall?  I'll tell you...the 'TYPE' of person who belongs in J.A.I.L.  Now you may disagree saying, 'it's just a fight' and make the excuse that the people involved are young, and you'd be correct; but the arrest I suggest would not be for fighting, per se, the arrest would be more for being ignorant and a menace to society.

There's something seriously wrong, mentally, with anyone who would allow themselves to get to a point of anger such that they begin fighting in a mall, filled with people, and feel no sense of embarrassment.  Young, Old, Middle-Aged, etc, this 'TYPE' of ignorant behavior is 100% unacceptable.  There is an additional 'attitude' problem such that a person in this category has a mindset such that they, 'Don't Care About' and, have 'NO RESPECT'. for ANYTHING, including themselves.  If you're reading this and were involved or were a spectator who thought this was funny, entertaining, justified, etc, you have the same issues as the culprit.

And let me be more specific regarding my reference to there being something 'mentally wrong' with the young people involved in the fray at Galleria Mall.  I am not making any suggestion that these young people involved have a 'Mental Illness' ... quite the contrary...these young people know good and well that they have done and are doing the wrong thing...the 'WRONG MENTALITY' reference addresses the conscious choices being made by these individuals.  Many might blame the behavior on a person's'upbringing', however, there are parents who teach their kids very well but the kids go down a different path.  What it all boils down to in the end is Personal Responsibility...the lack of it being a sign that there's something 'Mentally Wrong'.


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