Galleria Mall

The LEGO Store in Buffalo Opens This Week
There was an announcement that a 2,300 LEGO store would be coming to the mall a few months back and during COVID-19, they have been able to really work on it and get it moving.
The LEGO Store is opening up in Buffalo this Friday at 9 am inside the Galleria Mall, per the Walden Galleria's tweet o…
Buffalo 'Mall Brawl' Arrests!
So 2016 ends now with more Trending Social Media Stupidity.  I say that because supposedly the 'Mall Brawl' trend around the country, where teens show up at malls in droves and 'fight', is being fueled via Social Media.  I'm not sure how it all actually works but w…
Galleria Mall Lockdown Drill!
We live in a day and time whereas nothing can be taken for granted any longer.  You used to be able to go to the mall or anywhere in public with only the thought of why you're there!
Unfortunately that is not the case any longer.  If you are not thinking beyond your reason or purpose f…
Mall Fight Names Released
New information regarding the huge fight @ Galleria Mall resulting in the arrest of 7 people reveals that the fight started over someone confronting a another person and accusing them of murdering their relative.
Hard to believe that what you're about to see happened TODAY in Buffalo, NY.  Where do these people come from that have NO SENSE.
Here's another Chapter in the book ... Look at those "N-Words". The sad thing is that you can remove any racial overtones regarding that &…