According to WGRZ TV News, parents have expressed concern that there are allegedly no crossing guards for their children at Southside Elementary School.  With that being said, the good news is that (yesterday...Tuesday, 10-23) there were no kids crossing in the school area where there should have been a crossing guard, when a car crashed into a fir hydrant.  Had there been a crossing guard, a tragedy could have been avoided ... but as I said... the good news is that there were no children crossing.

The News article reveals that the Buffalo Police Department is responsible for hiring Crossing Guards,   The News article says this:

The Buffalo Police Department is responsible for hiring crossing guards. They say if a crossing guard cannot fill a shift, either someone from the school or a police officer is contacted to handle crossing guard duties. But, police say time is a factor and someone isn't always available. Police tell us that a crossing guard at the school didn't show up for work Tuesday morning and Monday and has resigned.

Parents tell us no one filled the guard's duties.

"I made a few phone calls today and it seems there may've been a lack of communication between the Buffalo Police Department and the Buffalo Public Schools that no one was there.

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