I am completely outraged over this video.  Not because of the ridiculous kids who are taunting, physically violating, and verbally abusing Niagara Wheatfield 8th Grader Duane Mays Jr., but more so because Duane is the victim but the one who got suspended, according to news reports.  OMG...REALLY?

Allegedly, beyond what you'll see in the video below, the students bullying Duane were allegedly using racial slurs, according to reports.  How the hell does Duane get suspended for defending himself from other students snapping fingers in his face, getting in his face, pulling on his clothes and bullying him.




School Administrators must not have even asked what prompted Duane Mays Jr. to get physical with his bullying abusers -OR- they did ask but didn't believe him...thank God for the video someone took.

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