According to a news report this morning, Niagara Falls is in trouble regarding an old fleet of Police cars which are unable to be replaced.

Here's a quote from the Niagara Falls Police Captain Michael Trane, according to the news story:

“We're in dire straits with the fleet right now,"

According to the report, there have been times as of late when nearly half the patrol vehicles have been out of service for maintenance or repairs.

Rather than go into all of the FACTS as to why there are broken down police vehicles in the Falls, let's examine what the public is aware of, salaries, & recent initiatives.

Why are Niagara Falls Officials being paid so much money for governing a failing city financially?  Why is the blame always placed upon "The Casino"?  Can't the money this city gets be used more responsibly? The situation regarding broken down police cars didn't happen overnight. But it seems that personal salaries are more important than what the city and people who live in Niagara Falls need.

For instance, there was a recent 'Safe Shopping Initiative' decided upon such that $50,000 be allocated to putting more officers in OPine Avenue to reduce daytime crime while Pine Ave. businesses are open for business. Those businesses on Pine are capable of hiring security.

The city did not have to agree to provide security for these businesses while ignoring their own needs. The overall security needs of residents overall far, far, far outweigh supporting one street in Niagara Falls and the efforts to make 'it' safe...during business hours. The name of the city is Niagara Falls...not 'Little Italy' and not 'Pine Ave'.

Credit: WGRZ

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