Did you ever think about acting in a play?  Have you had aspirations to try your hand acting on stage?  Here's your chance.  Within this Blog I'm going to post the actual Monologue you'll have to perform tomorrow at an Open Audition Casting Call for the play, based on the book, "What If There Were No Black Folks".

The Open Audition Casting Call will take place tomorrow from 11 am- 4 pm at the Niagara Falls Public Library Auditorium, Earl W. Brydges Building, 1425 Main Street, Niagara Falls, NY.

The play is an "Original Play" by a woman, who you'll remember as Celie's sister Daisy in the movie, "The Color Purple", Donna Kokuumo Buie.  Remember this dramatic scene with Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, and Donna Kokuumo Buie?

You'll need to perform this monologue below...it's here for your convenience to print or practice read right from this post:

Janis: Justice was served?! You've got to be kidding me! I was there. I saw everything. Your client beat that man to a bloody pulp. He left him lying in the street. Just a mass of blood where his face used to be. You saw the pictures. He had to have his entire face surgically redone. And why? Because your hero was itching for a fight and didn't like his long hair. Two years of private investigators calling me and having me identify photos. And for what? So I could sit in that witness stand and have you twist my words into lies. You must be awfully proud of yourself. What do you feel when you're lying in bed at night? Do guilt or shame ever come creeping in? I have been waiting in that stuffy office all day. Because I came here to tell the truth. And I did. Now would you tell me something? How can you live with yourself? How?

Here's a synopsis of the book "What If There Were No Black Folks", the play is based on.  (Amazon.com is the source)

What If There Were No Black Folks? is about a curious little boy who ask his mother, "What would the world be like without black folks?" Omari takes his mother by surprise because most children his age are not thinking on that level. Maybe he was feeling a certain way about himself—like most children that age. This book is about instilling confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem in black children and dispelling myths that others may or may not have about black people and their contributions to the world. Through these activities, children and parents will be engaged and will retain more knowledge and will have an enjoyable experience together.

"What If There Were No Black Folks" CASTING CALL for all Actors and Actresses ages 8-80 in WNY: Niagara Falls, New York, Buffalo, N.Y., Rochester, New York, and Syracuse, New York. "What If There Were No Blacks

Folks? is a play written by Donna Kokumo Buie, the storyteller, who played Daisy in The
Color Purple, Inspired by the activity book entitled "What If There Were No Blacks Folks?"
Written by Toni Abasi Hill.
Click the link below for Donna Kokumo Buie
Click the link below for Toni Abasi Hill
Please call 903-272-3941 or email TheMessengerOfNiagaraFallsNY@gmail.com

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