I commute most days using the NFTA Bus System and if I had to rate the company and service it provides, compared to Rochester, NY's  RTS service (I'm from Rochester) I would rate NFTA the Best In The World...comparably.  I'm not exaggerating, in terms of my opinion.  I can recall, upon coming to Buffalo, thinking to myself that the Public Transporation System in Buffalo was (and still is) PHENOMENAL.

Are there ANY problems?  Yes; they're far and few between and isolated, but yes.  Mind you, this is my opinion.   Most Drivers are very friendly and helpful, but a small fraction are not...and they think it's appropriate...it isn't.  There are Drivers who are impolite, without even saying anything, which is impolite within itself, to begin with.  Then there are drivers who seem to get pleasure out of playing the I'm just going to keep going like I didn't see them" GAME.  The game where the passenger loses every time and they win because the "potential" passenger can not stop the bus...the rules are unfair and the equipment the bus drivers get to play with is handicapped tremendously.  There all sorts of "things" a very small handful of Drivers do that NFTA may not be aware of because people will get into it with driver or just get left and never inform NFTA as to what's going on.

Despite any of the individual flaws, which every workplace has, NFTA is a fabulous company. As for issues some employees have, I've worked all of my life for (WHOA!) many years, and I think I've been flawed once or twice in my ? years of working a job as well.  We are all human with emotions.  Some handle emotions better than others ... but then there's this...something which may not be able to be explained away based on someone's emotions..there's another name for this...which I don't have a name for.

On Friday, Aug. 9 at about 4:40 PM, according to the video you are about to see, Joe Hrycych, was using a video device and tweeted this video.

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