Many improvements have been planned for Western New York and are beginning to happen all around the Buffalo area.

Construction is well underway on the new Highmark Stadium, along with the upgrades that are happening at Canalside and the newly improved Ralph Wilson Park.

Of course, that's not all that's happening in Buffalo because you can't forget the $1 billion update coming for the Kensington Expressway and the nearly $1 billion that the NFTA is looking to spend to extend the Metro Rail into Tonawanda and Amherst.

If that's not enough for you, the NFTA just announced that it's planning to spend another $3 million to improve bus service along Bailey Avenue with the Bailey Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project.

NFTA's Bailey Avenue Bus Rapid Transit Project To Vastly Improve Service In East Buffalo

Today, Bailey Ave. has hundreds of crashes every year, leading to dozens of injuries and thousands of dollars in property damage. Officials hope that increasing the quality of public transportation on one of Buffalo's busiest streets will help reduce those accidents and injuries.

The Bailey BRT, which hasn't reached the design phase yet, would create designated lanes for larger buses with greater capacity. Those buses would have traffic signal priority, which would, in turn, allow traffic to flow quicker down Bailey.

The Bailey corridor is one of the most highly utilized transit corridors in Buffalo-Niagara. The 19-Bailey route consistently has high ridership along the whole of the route and connects to Metro Rail and 13 other bus routes. Improvement of transit on Bailey also coincides with city initiatives and other multimodal improvements to the corridor, which is a state-priority project.

Bus rapid transit is something many other communities have and would mark a distinct improvement for public transportation in Buffalo.

If activity progresses on schedule, construction could begin as soon as 2026.

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