Well no more Chicken as a better choice than red meat to reduce cholesterol,  A News Study is blowing up all of our assurances that white meat is a safe alternative to red meat regarding cholesterol.


According to a news source, Maria Romo-Palafox, a registered dietitian and postdoctoral fellow with the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at the University of Connecticut, said this about she calls a 'well-controlled' study:

“If you have problems with cholesterol or if you have a family history of cholesterol or heart disease, then it is best to consume less of both red and white meats and instead substitute “beans, lentils, higher protein grains like quinoa, and soy-based products like tofu and tempeh,” she said.

“Finding by finding, we are confirming that a plant-based diet tends to have better health results and tends to have less [negative environmental] impact,” she said. Scientists “don’t know exactly” why plant-based proteins are heart-protective, but it is believed “the other vitamins and minerals that come with the plant” — and not the plant protein itself — are more beneficial for our cardiovascular system, she explained.

We do not need to see the study results “as a white or black issue,” she said. Meat, whether red or white, does not need to be banished from everyone’s diet. While nutritionists make recommendations for the whole public, each individual is unique in nutritional needs.

“The take-home message is there is no need to put a label of restricted or forbidden on red meat,” said Romo-Palafox. “Make sure you are choosing the leanest meats possible. If you can adopt a meatless Monday, why not? That might help you balance your risk.”

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