Adoptees received a breakthrough and Blessing today in New York State regarding a new Birth Certificate Law.  According to a news report the new law allows adoptees to see their Birth Certificate, which for many will answer the question they've had regarding their parents.  The new law will be helpful to adoptees regarding knowing their last name, for many who don't know, and it will help by giving adoptees insight as to any serious.

Two women, according to the news report, shared how significant the new law is regarding their lives.

Kathleen Parker, who was adopted around the age of 2 said this, according to the report:

"I don't know my last name, what it was at birth.  It's really exciting because I am 66 going on 67 and I've waited a long time for this. A long, long time.  I've spent the last 40 years probably actively searching  It's a sense of closure, it's a sense of being,"

The report also says that Melissa Rakvica, was adopted as a baby, and said this:

"Having to always put N/A? It's hard,"

She talked about her birthdate in the news report as well, saying:

"It's always been June 12, 1970, when I was adopted.  But now there might be a new birthday when I meet the birth mom.  I kind of always thought to myself, okay I'll never know that.  It's okay. But now that I can have that. It's really exciting not just for me but for all the people adopted at least having that choice."



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